Interfaith Leaders on Hate Speech on Pulpits and Peace Messages – Bishop Dr. John Warari

How Good and Pleasant It Is When Brothers Dwell In UnityThe feelings of exclusion, unresolved historical injustices, toxic politics, and rampant politically-driven ethnic division is on the rise. Religious Leaders continue to strongly advocate for a National Dialogue Process that will provide Kenyans with a platform to express themselves and build consensus on how to move forward together. It is our humble prayer that we are not going to allow ourselves be divided by political rhetoric’s that send us to our tribal cocoons for we cannot thrive alone as tribes or individuals or communities or families. God Bless Kenya as we stay united and peaceful as one nation. - Bishop Dr. John Warari

Interfaith Leaders on Hate Speech on Pulpits and Peace Messages

Interfaith Leaders are disseminating peace messages, hope and urging Religious Leaders not to allow the use of the pulpit for hate speech and divisive politics. The leadership of the main faith communities in liaison with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and National Steering Committee on Peace Building (NSC) have also signed a peace declaration against the use of religious platforms to disseminate divisive and hateful messages and uphold Peace.